It's time to play Alphabeticle, a word guessing game that you can play online. You get five tries to guess the four-letter mystery word.

The secret word in this game must be guessed. When you guess a word, you'll learn if it comes before or after the secret word in the alphabet. Continually hazard guesses up until you find the secret word.

How to play

You get five trials in this game to attempt to decipher the four-letter word. Four-letter words alone may be used as guesses. Based on the guesses for the alphabetical order, each box will be tagged to show which letter should be inside it.

Playing in two different ways. The same secret word is given to everyone each day to guess in "One a Day." You are allowed to use "Continuous Play" as many times per day, and it will randomly select a secret word for you to guess.


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