BTS Wordle


BTS Wordle is a game based on the classic word guessing game for Army fans of this global boy band. All of the words in the BTS Wordle are connected to BTS, even though the player still needs to identify a five-letter word in six tries.

Every day, a new word with a connection to our seven lads is given for you to guess. It may be a word they frequently use, their name, where they're from, one of their favorite tunes, etc.

How to play

Consider a five-letter band-related word as a starter. Your proximity to the word of the day is indicated by the color of the tiles. The letter is at the proper location as shown by the purple color of the ARMY fanbase. The color yellow indicates that the term is there but in the wrong location in the text. The color gray indicates that the letter is not present anywhere in the word.


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BTS Wordle
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