Guess My Sketch


Guess My Sketch is a difficult word guessing game in which the player must guess what his opponent or another player is drawing.

The player is given a word and has 10 seconds to change it into something else. The purpose of this player is to draw the words he is given so that others may guess what they are. Players may share their estimates via chat. The game concludes after 2 minutes or when all players have successfully guessed the word. The following round will be played in a clockwise direction.

How to play

During the game, the player will utilize the mouse, observe, and make guesses in order to come up with the best answer in the time provided. Try to view rewarded videos to grant you the option to play with up to 10 friends in one room, votekick, and access to private mode.


  • The game's aesthetics are stunning and enticing, luring gamers in.
  • The game provides a range of exciting challenges via stages and support improvements.
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Guess My Sketch
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