Hangman Plus


Hangman Plus, the game that tests your word knowledge and spelling skills, is a challenging puzzle game with innovative new ideas.

Before the gallows trap crushes your unfortunate victim's neck, you uncover and mark all concealed phrases in time. In this game, there are 2 levels of play: classic and campaign.

If you select to play in Campaign mode, you will be taken through a series of stages, each with a more difficult word to guess than the one before it.

If you choose Classic mode, you may choose the kinds of words you wish to guess from a sub-category:

  • Animals
  • Cities
  • Countries
  • States
  • Simple
  • Hobby

How to play

The initial and final letters of each word will be supplied to you, and the rest of the letters will be blank spaces that you must complete. If the letters are correct, they are put in the brackets; otherwise, a new section of the hanging stickman is drawn.

To win, guess the whole word, but if you guess the letters incorrectly too many times and the hangman is completely drawn, you lose and must start again.

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Hangman Plus
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