Nonogram Jigsaw


Nonogram Jigsaw is a game that has many puzzles that need to be solved, many puzzles that need to be finished, and numerous themes that need to be unlocked. The distinction is that both quizzes and notes can be played simultaneously in this game.

You can obtain a piece of the puzzle every time you complete a level, which will eventually unlock a lot of lovely pictures. Using the logic and fundamental principles of picture crossword puzzles, exercise your brain!

How to play

Players reveal hidden images by coloring the squares. In Nonogram Jigsaw, use the hints and numbers to reveal the hidden image. You should read the numbers above the column from top to bottom. It is proper to read the numbers to the left of the rows from left to right. Mark the square with an X if you've decided it shouldn't be dark. Automatically save each problem so that you can try another one if you get stuck and return at a later time.

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Nonogram Jigsaw
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