Noob Skyblock


Noob Skyblock is a game in which you will embark on a new voyage with Noob, based on Minecraft. Build your path entirely to your liking by gathering nearby building materials and other objects.

The paths you are on and all the surrounding walls are constructed out of collectible blocks. To break a block, left-click on it while holding down the button. This is how you can gather whatever you notice around. Pets can be collected as food by clicking on them. To arrange the blocks you have gathered, click on the open spaces. You can make a path for yourself to follow in this manner. To use for your specific mission, choose goods from the inventory. By paving your own path, you can see how far you can go in this limitless universe.

How to play

To play the game, use the WASD and arrow keys. Simply tap the buttons on the screen if you're playing from your phone.

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Noob Skyblock
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