The number of grids you want to solve at once can be customized with Polydle, a multi-grid Wordle variant. 

With as few guesses as possible, find all the Polydle words. A 5-letter word with meaning must be used for each guess. The colors will indicate your level of accuracy for each guess after each one. The letter is in the proper position in the word when the squares are green. The letter is present in the word but not in the proper location, as indicated by yellow squares. Since the letter is absent from the word, the white squares indicate this.

How to play

For your response to be submitted, press the Enter key.

There are 3 different modes for players:

  • Classic: Making the fewest guesses across all words 
  • Speed: You quickly locate every word.
  • Perfect: You are attempting to play 100% perfectle 
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