Sweet Candy Halloween


Sweet Candy Halloween is an entertaining and imaginative Halloween puzzle game. Match the various candies mentioned at the top of the screen, but act quickly! If you get into trouble, try clicking a ticking time bomb. New pieces will be added to the board, and space will be made available.

Each spooky and difficult level of this match-3 game will present you with a target.

Make an effort to swiftly connect the parts shown at the top of the screen. It might be devilishly tasty eyes, incredibly sweet pumpkins, or some very tasty ice cream.

How to play

  • To find identical candies, use your mouse.
  • To switch out components and reassemble them, use the left click key.


  • Vibrant colors and lovely illustrations
  • An intensely enjoyable match-3 game that strengthens your magical talents.
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Sweet Candy Halloween
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