Type Or Die


Type Or Die is a free online 3D racing puzzle typing game that tests the player's ability to remember things.

Throughout the game, you must type your own words. Both you and your opponent will reach the top of the ladder and win the game. Each test score includes a question with the same first letter as the current level's first letter. You must learn vocabulary from a variety of categories, such as plants, fruits, and water. If you don't respond in a timely way, you will get a lot of messages.

How to play

Type Or Die is a 3D stick figure model and wooden wall installation. Names of nations, fruits, animals, and vegetables will be among the items mentioned. Because the first letter differs from the present questions, you must respond as soon as possible. Otherwise, you'll drown and lose the game immediately. In one, the water will rise gently to the top.

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Type Or Die
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