Weredle is lying about your predictions? You will most likely be confused by it, and you might even feel lost.

A twist is present in the game, which is similar to Wordle in that one of the tiles can be deceiving you. There is a "werewolf" letter in each word, so any guess could be accurate or inaccurate.

How to play

After each guess, the color of the tiles changes to show how close you were to correctly guessing. You have six chances to do so. One of the Werewolf tiles could, or could not, provide you with the incorrect response each time you guess. 

It will have a crimson border when you locate the werewolf tile. The werewolf cannot be found if you click on a tile and a blue border surrounds it. The next step is to click on a tile and attempt to identify whether it is the Werewolf after you have correctly predicted your first word.


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