Word Huddle


Word Huddle is a game based on the well-known word puzzle game, but it has been changed to be more creative and hard.

You get 2 points for each letter you guess, and if you guess a vowel, you don't get any points. But if you guess a letter that isn't in the puzzle, you lose 5 points. It's hard to make an accurate decision, right?

How to play

When you think you know what the whole puzzle says, click Solve! Then, a spinning circle will appear on top of the first blank, and you can choose a letter to fill it in. Continue to fill in the remaining letters as the circle moves. When you fill in all the letters, if your answer is correct, you will get 10 points for each letter solved. But if your answer is wrong, you lose 20 points and the game continues.


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Word Huddle
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