Word Learner


Word Learner is a word-memory-matching educational game that will help you learn new words and enhance your reading abilities in English.

Learning new words benefits us not only in terms of growing our vocabulary but also in terms of understanding the meaning of certain difficult phrases that we encounter in our everyday lives. This fantastic game is a word game that will assist you in learning and practicing your spelling, vocabulary, and reading abilities.

The Word Learner game begins simply but gradually becomes tougher. There are more words, less time, and harder words with each level. Before the timer runs out, you must complete as many levels as possible.

How to play

Take a fast glance at the words that come on the screen and remember them in this game. The most crucial step after that is to choose the proper letters in the word's sequence. Because the letters appear on the screen at random, you must keep an eye on the screen to prevent selecting the incorrect letter.

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Word Learner
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