Greetings and welcome to Wordle, which is a fun guessing word game that improves memory and encourages logical thinking in everyone. 

In this game, you must predict words at random based on the number of letters you select (from 4 letters to 11 letters). You need a sharp memory and a quick trick to play the game in order to quickly guess the word. The primary objective of the game is to determine the secret word in six tries. The letters will be highlighted in one of three colors depending on the word you input.

If the letter is correctly predicted and is in the appropriate place, it will be highlighted in green. If the letter is in the word but is in the incorrect place, it will be marked in yellow. Of course the wrong area will have the term "gray" in it.

How to play

Simply enter any word with letters of the player's choosing to begin and see which letters correspond to the hidden word. Find the letters that make up the hidden word to complete the hidden word and win the game. If you know a few letters in the word that are in the word's correct place (green), as well as a few letters that are in the word itself (yellow), you can easily guess. After the end of each turn, the secret word result will be revealed if you are unsuccessful in each play.


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