Words Cracker


Words Cracker is a fun spelling game where you can put your spelling abilities to the test on a variety of levels.

You may tinker with the letters to come up with new words. It's never dull to put letters together to make words. To earn points in this game, you don't have to be a grammarian or a spelling champion.

How to play

The game is divided into ten stages, each having 20 levels to finish. When you finish one step, you may go on to the next. You'll notice letters in the centre of the screen as you begin a level, as well as your level in the upper left corner. You should concentrate on spelling the word in the middle row, which is shown on both sides by yellow indications. To alter the letters, click and drag them. You'll be able to go on to the next level if you've highlighted all of the letters.


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Words Cracker
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