Words Swipe


Words Swipe is a fun alphabet puzzle game that teaches you a lot of words by giving you tips on how many words and letters you'll need to combine.

To pass a level, you must pay close attention and think carefully. You may also use the prompt props if you can't think of a term.

How to play

Words are formed by joining neighboring letters with Words Swipe. Before time runs out, clear as many lines as possible. For each stage, you have just 2 minutes.

Rules for Words Swipe

Each word must have a minimum of three letters. You may drag horizontally, vertically, and diagonally by clicking and dragging. You'll get more points if you use longer and more difficult terms. If you can clear the whole board, you can even double your score on a level.

You must clear a row of letters to advance to the next level. To fulfill this objective before the timer runs out, you may clear vertical or horizontal lines. After you reach your objective on each level, you may keep inputting phrases to charge bonus explosives.

When you unlock a bomb, you may use it to clear a square of letters by clicking and dragging it onto the letter tiles. If you ever get stuck or run out of time, blow up the letters with a bomb.

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Words Swipe
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