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Welcome to Heardle Game, the daily brain training game through music. Player's main task is to guess the song title and artist name with just a few tunes of the track. Nowadays, people often play games on their phones or computers to relieve pressure. Games that can both relax, entertain and help train the brain will be something that everyone loves. Heartle Game is the game that fully converges the above

Heardle Game has a famous song system, and diverse genres, from classical to modern. Moreover, the songs that appear in this game are logically built and most of them have a variety of rhythms, from gentle to exciting, to avoid boredom. If you are a music enthusiast with a rich and diverse personal music library, prove that you win the Heardle Game by skill, not luck. 

In this game, you not only listen to each tune to guess but also have attractive visual cues. Heardle Game allows you to play with friends and colleagues to increase the challenge.

How to play

Don't worry if this is your first time playing Heardle Game, here are the basic instructions to get you familiar with this game:

To start the game, you'll hear the first second of a pretty popular song. And then, if you already know the answer, guess the artist's name and song title, otherwise skip your turn. While you skip or guess wrong, you will hear a little more of the melody of the song. The game continues until the sixth try, and at the final guess, you will hear the full 16 seconds of the quiz's melody.

The rules of Heardle Game

Like other spin-off versions of Wordle, Heardle Game also has similar rules but is quite simple. In this game, there are no cells to guess the word on the virtual keyboard to enter letters. Instead, there will be six boxes to enter the song title for which you have already guessed the answer. The clues in the game are given not through the colors but by the melody hints.

In which fractions of the first 16 seconds of the song are revealed to the player at intervals to stimulate and inform the player. You can take another part of the song as a cue, but never both at the same time. In other words, you can use the chance to guess or skip it to get a new sound hint. 

Using sound cues is crucial if you want to win the Heardle Game. It is the guiding key to finding the answer.

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If you don't know how fun this game is, try it now. You will never regret getting more than expected results. New songs are added regularly to give players the most enjoyable experience possible. Don't be disappointed if you don't pass the challenge today because you still have many chances to break it.

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